Step 1

Request quotation from Cosmic Wireless for the products that you are interested in

Step 2

You'll receive a quotation and a call from Cosmic Wireless

Step 3

Review and purchase. Your wholesale order will be delivered instantly

How our wholesale works?

Our wholesale operation follows a simple and efficient process. When a customer visits our website and expresses interest in our products, they can request a quotation through an online form. Our team promptly receives the request and reviews the details.

To ensure a personalized touch, our team reaches out to the customer via phone call. During the conversation, we discuss the specific requirements, quantities, pricing, and any other necessary details. Our team is trained to provide excellent customer service, addressing any queries or concerns the customer may have.

Once both of us reach an agreement and finalize the deal, we proceed to process the order. This involves gathering the products, preparing them for shipment, and packaging them securely to ensure their safe arrival. We strive to maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency in this stage.

Finally, the order is dispatched through a reliable shipping service. We ensure that the customer's preferred delivery method is utilized, and the package is tracked to provide real-time updates on its status. This ensures that the customer receives their order in a timely manner and can track its progress until it reaches its destination.

Throughout the entire process, we aim to provide excellent communication, personalized service, and efficient delivery, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for our wholesale customers.