Our Quality Control

Our Quality Control

Purchasing a tech device should be a fun and exciting experience! After all, you are receiving an item that will be entertaining to use and add convenience and ease to your life. Our mission is to ensure your experience with Cosmic Wireless is stress-free.

We aim to work hard towards offering only top-quality devices to our customers. Our quality control techs test each device using a 32 points inspection procedure. This inspection procedure covers all operational phases of a device. Any device that fails to pass all steps will not be offered for sale. 

Cosmic Wireless Quality indicates that a device has passed our 32 Points inspection procedure and is covered under our 180-Day limited warranty.

32 Points Inspection Guidelines

Every device at Cosmic Wireless undergoes a complete 32 Points Inspection. Below is a list of everything that we test for. 



  • Touch screen test.
  • Prompt touch response.
  • No discoloration.
  • No missing segments.
  • No bright spots.
  • Fully adjustable brightness.

Cosmetic State

  • No physical damage.
  • No cracks.
  • No mis-assembly.
  • All menu keys intact.
  • Sim and SD card slot intact.
  • Charging port intact


  • Microphone test.
  • Both speakers test.
  • Receiver test.
  • No distortion.
  • Volume adjustable.


  • Both cameras test.
  • Camera focus test.
  • Camera flash test.
  • No segments missing.


  • Menu keys are functioning.
  • Face-ID / Touch-ID test.
  • Device vibration test.


  • Cellular service test.
  • WiFi service test.
  • Bluetooth / AirDrop test.
  • USB port connection test.
  • Send and receive calls.


  • Proximity sensor test.
  • Ambient light sensor test.
  • Accelerometer sensor test.


  • Powers on.
  • No power cycle.


  • Sufficient battery health.
  • Charges properly.
  • Wireless charge test.