Customer confidence can be a very delicate matter. Many promise but only a few deliver. That is not the case at Cosmic Wireless because we provide what we guarantee. Here at Cosmic Wireless, we have complete certainty in the devices that we offer. That is why we offer a 60-Day limited warranty on all devices. We want our customers to be ensured and protected against the unexpected.

Limited warranty policy

Cosmic Wireless offers a 60-day limited warranty and support on all purchases. In case of any unexpected occurrence, the customers can claim the warranty. Our limited warranty covers all kinds of functioning and software defects within a device. We take warranty claims very sincerely. Our customer support team will always be there for you if you come across any issues. We will take corrective action immediately. We guarantee a fully functioning device, and we stand by our promises. 

What's not covered?

All warranty claimed devices undergo a thorough inspection process. Please note that in certain scenarios, we may refuse a warranty claim. A list of exceptions have been mentioned below:

  • Physical or hardware damage caused by the user.
  • Any defects (functional, software, or hardware) caused because of liquid damaging the device.
  • Any un-certified modifications or repair attempts made on the device by a 3rd party repair facility.
  • Any defects caused by the use of 3rd party accessories. We advise everyone not to use such accessories on their device. 

Warranty Claim

You can file a warranty claim by contacting our support team. We request you to provide all necessary details in regards to what issues you are encountering. This helps make the warranty claim process faster on our end.

Please note that Cosmic Wireless will not be responsible for backing up or losing any user data present on your device. We advise everyone to create a backup of their data before sending the device for warranty claim. All devices must be free of any passwords or personal accounts. Otherwise, we will ship the device back without processing the warranty claim.