Apple Watch Scratch Repair - How to Remove Scratches from Apple Watch Screen?

Apple Watch Scratch Repair - How to Remove Scratches from Apple Watch Screen?


Looking for a way to remove scratches from your Apple Watch screen? This is the right place for you. We'll guide you on how to do it most efficiently.

We all know that everything starts to deteriorate after a while. No, the screen on an Apple Watch is no different from that on other devices. Even if you don't overuse it, it will eventually break down. After that, you're stuck with one question: Is it possible to remove scratches from the Apple watch screen?

So, regular use requires extra caution; however, if you damage your watch, follow the steps we'll provide.

Learn how to remove scratches from your Apple watch's screen using two different methods. You can choose one or the other, depending on your choice. It is up to you and the desired outcome.

Method- 1: Do-it-yourself remedy – Apple Watch Scratch Repair

Types of equipment we'll require for Apple watch scratch repair:

  • Cotton-tip
  • Toothpaste (avoid the gel one)
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Water in a bottle (not tap water)
  • 2 types of cloth (do not use paper towels)
  1. Silky cloth
  2. Fabric cloth

1. Using wipes and a fabric cloth, wipe down the screen

Wipe the entire screen with wipes and gently rub it in circular motions for several minutes to remove any dust or debris. To achieve better results, you should rub it with your nail. A fabric cloth should be used to completely dry the screen.

2. Apply the toothpaste on a cotton-tipped swap

If you have a Q-tip, put a small amount of toothpaste on it and rub it in a circle for 50 seconds. Continue the rubbing technique until you notice that the toothpaste is drying out or becoming more difficult to wipe away.

3. Purified water should be used to wet the silky cloth

Take the silky towel and soak it in purified water before using it. After that, clean your Apple watch screen and ensure that all toothpaste has been removed.

4. Wipes should be used to clean the screen and a fabric cloth for drying

We will repeat the technique we used in step one, wiping the screen with wipes and then drying it with a fabric cloth, as we did previously.

After completing the procedure, you will be able to see the result. It is also possible to use the second method if you are unsatisfied with your results.

Method 2: Make use of a market product –Apple Watch Scratch Repair

What Kinds of Equipment do You Require?

  • We'll do the removal with an Apple watch glass polish. You may get it at a fair price on Amazon.
  • Strips of microfiber
  • White strips
  • Pinkish striations
  • Cloth made of microfiber
  • Rubber banded applicator stick
  • Syringe for repairing
  • Finish syringe
  • The Globes (need to buy it separately)

1. Open the box and have a look at the instructions

Open the box and make sure to thoroughly read the instruction booklet. It will help you in becoming familiar with the process more quickly.

2. With a fiber cloth, wipe the screen clean

Wipe the watch screen with the fiber cloth, getting rid of all of the dust and other pollution accumulated on it.

3. Take a piece of the white strip and insert it into the applicator stick as shown

Please remove one of the white strips from the package and insert it into the applicator stick. They give a rubber band to secure them in position. Make use of it to keep them.

4. Wear The Gloves and Put the Repair Syringe On the Screen

Wearing the gloves, apply a small amount of the mended product on the screen and rub it for 3 minutes to seal the repair.

5. You should use the repaired product 4 times

Applying the repaired product will be repeated four more times in total. In addition, rub for 3 minutes thoroughly after each use.

6. Completely wipe it down with the fiber cloth

Immediately after the rubbing operation is completed, wipe the entire Apple watch screen with the fiber towel once more. Make sure there is no repair product left on the screen before proceeding.

7. Take a Finish Syringe and apply it with pinkish strips to achieve the desired look

Finally, use the finish syringe and dispense some of its products onto a pinkish strip, rubbing it in the process. It should only be used once for a few minutes. Take a look at the finished product.

Cares –Apple Watch Screen Scratch Repair

In this case, safety precautions should be taken to any SERIES 6 STAINLESS (GPS + CELLULAR) and SERIES 6 ALUMINUM (GPS)Apple watchs screen repair: -

  1. When the second method is used, it can cause a chemical reaction. Wearing gloves will help you prevent them.
  2. It is good to rub in a round motion rather than an up and down motion.
  3. Moist wipes should be avoided since they may aggravate scratches.
  4. To avoid a chemical reaction, you can wash and dry the apple watch screen.

What's the benefit of a screen protector for the Apple Watch?

You should use a screen protector on your apple watch screen scratch repair as soon as possible to protect it from unwanted scratches. This is how to remove scratches repair the apple watch without damaging it further.

Many Apple watches now include scratch-resistant features, but there are still many other challenges that a watch must deal with. To avoid these problems, you must learn about the value of a screen protector.

  • Scratch protector

A screen protector can help keep your Apple watch from getting scratched or damaged in any other way. The Apple Watch will save the day for the protector.

  • Unwanted fall

Your pricey and valuable watch may fall or be knocked out of your hands or the hands of someone else. This screen protector will come in handy if you need to protect your Apple watch from flaws.

  • The effects of time 

We may need to put the watch away in a purse or pocket from time to time. Using a screen protector on your watch will help protect it from scratches and other flaws.

  • More protection.

Your expensive Apple watch will be saved to the screen protector. The screen can be damaged by anything, even if you're not aware of it, such as water, sweat, sand, or other harmful substance.

How to replace and repair the scratched Apple Watch?

Because of scratches, you may have a broken Apple watch. In this situation, Apple will not be held responsible because the quality of its screens has greatly improved in the current and future generations of the Apple Watch. If you break your watch's screen, it can be fixed by replacing or repairing the glass. However, this problem may arise in older or second-generation watches.

However, other parts of the watch may find it very hard to operate due to this replacement. Apple may replace your watch if it's been damaged by accident. However, this will not be possible due to the scratches on the screen.

This problem can be solved as well. The Apple watch will be protected if you get insurance. However, they will only provide an accidental damage repair service if you damage the watch and offer to pay a small extra fee.