Top 5 Samsung Watch Bands In 2021

Top 5 Samsung Watch Bands In 2021



Whether you take your fitness too seriously or you want to make a style statement, you must have upgraded to the latest Samsung Watch for a sporty new look. One thing that you’d want to add to your new watch to amp up your style game is a custom-picked watch band. While you get the official Samsung watch bands with your new Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can buy all kinds of sporty, leather, and metal watch bands to customize its look.

Ready to grab one for your new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Check out our top 5 picks to add to your watch band collection!


Samsung Extreme Sport Band

Why not start this list from a watch band that comes straight from the watch manufacturer – Samsung? Yes, this Samsung Extreme Sport Band boasts a perfect sporty look and comes in three different color options. You can pick from white/black, pink/white, and black/red – something to match everyone’s taste and preference.

These two-toned Samsung Watch bands aren’t just fun to look at, but their silicone build makes them comfortable to wear too. You can grab your piece in small/medium (20mm) and medium/large (22mm) sizes. It will be a perfect pick for that funky, sporty look that all watch lovers prefer.


Samsung Ridge-Sport Band

Another one from Samsung, this Galaxy Watch Band features a ridge along its edge. Although it doesn’t come in unique two-toned color options like the Samsung Extreme, the ridge design gives it a more modern look and makes it stand out among the rest. You do get a variety of colors to choose from, however. It’s also made of silicone and is available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. So, you can wear it comfortably during your workout sessions without any trouble.

The only thing you might not like about this watch band is that some of the colors are available in a single size only. So, you have to be a bit lucky to grab your favorite color in the right size for your wrist.  


Spigen Retro Fit Band

Now, let’s deviate away from the Samsung Watch bands as we have this Spigen Retro Fit band on the list. The best thing about this one is its timeless, classic design. It looks too elegant and stylish when you wear it.

The watch band is made using synthetic leather, with silicone on the inside making it sweat resistant. The holes built into it offer some additional breathability, while the quick-release design makes it easy to put on and off your Samsung Watch. Must say the designers really had their focus on the functional aspects when designing this watch band! Besides, you also get to choose from black and brown color options.


Hatalkin Sports Strap

This silicone sport band comes in eight cool color options and attaches to all the Galaxy Watch 4 models. So, you have a workout-friendly watch band here, and you can pick a color that matches your style. It uses a simple pin mechanism for attaching it to your Watch case without any hassle. The stainless steel buckle adds a touch of class to this sporty strap.


Otopo Elastic Band

The Otopo Elastic Band is a good way to deviate away from typical silicone bands and still offers the flexibility and stretch you need to keep it comfortable. You get seven cool color options, all giving a more casual vibe. The watch band uses stainless steel connectors to latch onto your Samsung Watch and offers a perfect fit for most wrist sizes. With multiple design patterns on offer, you can pick one for every occasion.

So, if you are ready to customize your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, pick one of these top-quality Samsung Watch bands. You can surely find one that fits your style and meets your functional requirements too!