Why The iPhone 11 Pro Series Are The Best Value For Your Buck?

Why The iPhone 11 Pro Series Are The Best Value For Your Buck?



Planning to upgrade your iPhone this year and still not sure which one to go for?

We already have iPhone 13 models on the market, but you can get your hands on the prior models in the pre-owned market. These options are available to give iPhone users a more comprehensive price list to suit every budget and need. While there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration, we strongly believe that iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are still the best value iPhones out there.

Want to know why? Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out what these two devices have on offer.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Features

When the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max debuted back in 2019, they were seen more as iterative updates to the existing iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices. They featured everything from an updated camera setup and brighter displays to powerful processors. But even today, they are among the most capable and well-balanced Apple phones out there that outperform many competing devices in various key metrics. Here’s a sneak peek into iPhone 11 Pro Max features.


iPhone 11 Pro Max is an aesthetically pleasing device with a stronger rear glass and a frosted matte finish. It looks nice in the hand and doesn’t really pick up fingerprints and smudges. Around the back, there’s a glossy camera bump featuring three cameras. It is sharp and takes up plenty of space too but won’t hinder your everyday use. The Pro Max is the bigger of the two iPhone 11 Pro devices and features a large 6.5” OLED display.


The bigger and better display is among the key selling points of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s a bigger 6.5” OLED panel that’s made better with True Tone technology to match the ambient lighting conditions. The display is fluid and offers a perfect experience.


The two iPhones are equipped with a powerful A13 Bionic chip that benchmarks way above the competing devices. It gives you a perfect shot at a lot of high-end stuff like games, AR, and video and photo apps. The chip is really fast, and you can expect it to hold up if you intend on keeping this iPhone for at least a few years.

Camera System

The improved camera system is the key highlight of the iPhone 11 Pro devices. The camera array includes an ultra-wide camera to accompany the standard and telephoto lenses. All the cameras, including the one at the front, are equipped with 12mp sensors and give perfect shots.

When it comes to video recording, the camera setup doesn’t disappoint you here either. It offers better stabilization, with all the cameras capable of shooting 4K60 videos. You can also switch lenses to shoot videos at 4K30 or even below that.

Battery Life

Thanks to its bigger size, the handset manages to accommodate a bigger battery and, hence, offers improved battery life compared to the older models. You can expect your handset to run consistently for around 12-14 hours, and that’s impressive for such a device with high-end specs.

Will iPhone 11 Pro Devices Continue To Get iOS Software Updates In Coming Years?

iOS 15 is the latest operating system from Apple, and it extends support for a number of older iPhone models, going all the way back to the 2015 iPhone 6S. Keeping that in mind, it’s safe to say that Apple will continue providing software support for these iPhone 11 Pro models for up to 7 years from their launch date.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Price And Budget

With Apple already selling its two-year-old iPhones at a discounted price, it would be a perfect pick for those on a budget. You can expect to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a little under $680. That’s not much of a price difference with the current iPhone SE, and you get a lot of added features too, including camera improvements, a longer battery life, and a larger screen to name a few. So, if the price fits your budget, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max offer the best value for the buck.

It’s your call now! Which of the two handsets do you like the most? Make a pick and start rocking a new, upgraded iPhone experience!